19 Haziran 2018 Salı

About Şarkikaraağaç MYO

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SDÜ Ş.Karaağaç Vocational School is established 31 October 1995. Students who are graduated in our vocational school with two-year degree level,are assumed a title as Technician. It has got 7000m2 indoor area on 42000m2 area. 
There are 2 volleyball,a basketball,a football court,and a table tennis area in the constitution of our school.
The Vocational Scholl has five departments, including Accounting and Tax Practice, Business Administration, Office Management and Secretary, Nutrition Technologies and Laboratory and Veterinary Health. 
We have been attaching importance to sports activities for the purpose of our students to spend their leisure time with useful activities,to improve their social and physical activities,to improve and preserve their body and mental health.For this purpose,football,volleyball,basketball,table tennis,chess tournaments and nature walking have been organized and camps have been pitched.