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Food Technology

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General Information : Şarkikaraağaç Vocational School of Food Technology Program , food industry aims to meet the needs of professional staff is a two-year program.Food Technology program with the training given in the period up to the final product from raw material to produce high quality products are provided for the adequate knowledge

Qualification Awarded : Food Technician  
Level of Qualification : Short Cycle (Associate?s Degree).This is a under graduate degree program in Food Technolgy (120 ECTS)  
Specific Admission Requirements : High School Diploma, ÖSYM Certificate  
Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, non-formal and informal) : Mathematics, General Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Turkish Language, Ataturk's Principles and Revolution History, Foreign Language

Qualification Requirements and Regulations : National qualifications frameworks may contain levels (or intermediate qualifications) within the three Bologna cycles (e.g. a short cycle within the first cycle). These levels allow institutions to structure a particular qualification and regulate progression through the qualification. Qualification Requirements and Regulations are enacted by YÖK (The Council Of Higher Education) in Turkey.  
Profile of The Programme : Food Processing Technology Program, food raw material processing enterprises by providing the necessary theoretical and practical training in the basic principles of food and about the upbringing of the specialized technicians contributes.Food industry aims to meet the needs of professional staff in the Food Technology program with the training given to the final product from raw material to produce high quality products for the period provided sufficient knowledge
Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples : Food businesses, Bakers, Cake Games, Games Yufkacı, Bakery Products, Chopper, Natural Mineral Water and bottled water production, management of other dairy and cheese manufacturing, bread, cakes, biscuits or pancakes, prepared for flour mixes and ready-mixed dough with flour manufacturing Other storage and warehousing, food-related endüstürisi the opportunity to work in all areas can.  
Access to Further Studies : Food Technology Program students graduated from the DGS entered the exam and if they succeed areas (food engineering, of a dietician, agricultural faculties and various departments of chemistry section) and any degree program within the quotas have the possibility to migrate  
Aims Of Programme : The purpose of the program, food enterprises in the field of food processing technology is to train professionals. Food Technology Technician title is given to those who complete the program.Grown in the field of food technology, a technician, all kinds of vegetable and animal food without losing nutritional value of the production and storage, nutritional value will be used to determine metrics such as detection makes research these issues, manufacturers and people are lighting. Basic Objectives of the Department, making food production in the factory to establish the link between engineers and workers are required, to intervene directly to common problems in the enterprise and business knowledge to train graduates who play an active role in the laboratory.  
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading : %40 contribution of in-term examination %60 contribution of final examination  
Graduation Requirements : To achieve all compulsory lessons To complete application during education and at the end of the education To complete education at least 2.00 score  
Mode of Study (full-time, part-time, e-learning etc.) : Program-Based Instruction Visual and Applied Education Laboratory Study