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General Information : The goal of the program is to  
Qualification Awarded : Accountants  
Level of Qualification : Short Cycle (Associate?s Degree).Theoretical and practical training as a result, our students  
Specific Admission Requirements : High School Diploma

OSYM placement document
Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, non-formal and informal) : Successful students who transfer credits from the courses will be exempted in the event of the equilavent before the program they trainees.  
Qualification Requirements and Regulations : National qualifications frameworks may contain levels (or intermediate qualifications) within the three Bologna cycles (e.g. a short cycle within the first cycle). These levels allow institutions to structure a particular qualification and regulate progression through the qualification. Qualification Requirements and Regulations are enacted by YÖK (The Council Of Higher Education) in Turkey.  
Profile of The Programme : Theoretical and practical training as a result, our students;

1- A workplace free accountancy profession based on his own behalf or be able to perform or contribute to the accounting management of public institutions and organizations could,
2- Assistant managers in businesses, or between about mid-level manager may assume responsibility as members,
3- Basic principles and concepts in the field of accounting judges, who know their legal responsibilities and professional ethics has,
4- Used in commercial life, principles and procedures according to appropriate legislation notebooks can handle,
5- Field related to computer programs capable of running the package,
6- Correspondence related to the field of computer users can do, that can store information,
7- Commercial document that can identify, organize and store the can can,
8- Regulations for the profession knows the importance of follow-up,
9- May recognize the basic concepts related to the economy and the stock market,
10- Countries in terms of economics and business that may be expressed the importance of foreign trade,
11- Theoretical and practical training after his compulsory internship applications, between the elements of the financial sector will be able to meet the need.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples : Graduates can find a post in accountant?s Office , accountant?s department in firms , and banks.  
Access to Further Studies : Department alumni have found opportunities about transition to Business Department with vertical transmission.  
Aims Of Programme : The main purpose of the program is to make students fully equipped about accounting and tax issues.  
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading : Examinations are evaluated according to elements which are taken into consideration of University regulations by teaching staff.  
Graduation Requirements : Students are to take all the courses required for graduation within the legal period and to complete the program with at least 2.00 Comulative Grade Point Average( GPA) provided that they are successful at these courses and to have completed the total of 30 workind days internship. Students can also take the particular part of the failed courses in the Summer School.  
Mode of Study (full-time, part-time, e-learning etc.) : Full Time